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1863 LASCO was born.More than 140 years of machinery manufacturing experience from more than 1000 users in more than 60 countries.LASCO can provide customers with the most modern forging equipment and forging production line.

LASCO equipment is ideal for hot forging, warm forging, cold forging, extrusion and sheet forming.LASCO has always been successful with the motto "provide the right equipment".

In the automotive and aerospace industries, in agriculture and Marine mining, and in the surgical instruments and hand tools industries,LASCO equipment is known for its precision, reliability and profitability.LASCO combines the talents and experience of the germans with the latest technologies of the world to produce process equipment suitable for forging, edging, drawing, trimming and extrusion with high efficiency and economy.LASCO equipment is simple to operate, convenient to maintain, environmentally friendly and energy saving.

The world's first hydraulic hammer was produced by LASCO in 1952.Since then, LASCO has been a pioneer in forging hammers, and the new generation of efficient, high-speed electro-hydraulic hammers is the result of decades of continuous development and improvement.

LASCO has been manufacturing screw presses since the 1980s and was the first company in the world to apply frequency converters to screw presses.After decades of effort, LASCO has been able to produce electric direct drive screw presses of various specifications.

LASCO is a leader in the application of hydraulic power in the forging industry.The production of electrical upsetting equipment has been in the world class.

Throughout the world, LASCO's machines and production lines provide reliable service, especially in response to urgent needs and harsh environments.


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